Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Weekend of December

Hi Everybody! :-)

Well, as usual, I'd like to dedicate the weekend post to prayer requests.
My prayer requests for the week are: (1) This coming week is finals week for me - please pray I'll do well and keep my head on straight!  (2) I have written and still have to write a few letters to my professors thanking them for their help this semester and also trying to share Jesus with them.  Please pray this bears fruit and that they will come to the Lord.  (3) This sounds silly, but there are a couple of people on my Christmas shopping list who I cannot come up with any ideas for!  I love getting personal gifts for people that they will actually use (instead of just having to pretend to like them), so please pray that God will give me the perfect ideas for them.
Now, please leave your prayer requests in the comments section.  Don't be shy - I'd love to pray for you! :-)

I'd also like to share a video today that shows how even when our life isn't going remotely as we planned, God's hand is still at work.

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