Friday, December 9, 2011

Second Weekend of December

I thought I'd add a new element to the weekend posts to spice things up a bit. :-)  So, the weekend itinerary is now:
(1)  Sharing a video
(2)  A Bible study tip - NEW!
(3)  Prayer requests

Here's the video - the conversion story of a former Muslim woman.

Now for the Bible study tip of the week:
Pay extra attention to the format of the sermons you hear, Bible commentaries you read, etc.  Determine exactly what it is about them that impacts you the most, and then apply that to your own time studying God's word.
Do you get a lot out of historical background?  Consider buying a historical supplement like Halley's Bible Handbook, or taking an inexpensive Bible history class from a Bible college (or, if you attend a fairly large church, it may offer such a couse free).
Do you get a lot out of finding out about the original languages of the Bible?  Consider learning one!  You can buy curriculums to teach yourself that are fairly inexpensive (I am currently using one, with success), or, again, you could consider taking a class.  An option involving less commitment would be to buy a Strong's or Strongest concordance, and have someone who is (at least somewhat) familiar with the original languages teach you how to use it properly.
Do you get a lot out of teachers bringing the Bible characters to life, so that you understand them as real people who once lived?  Every time you read a passage, take a moment to put yourself in each person's shoes...act like a writer getting into character!
You get the idea - figure out what clicks for you, and then apply it to your own study. :-)

I don't have any particular prayer requests this week, but if you have any, please share them with us by leaving them in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

that video was awesome and inspiring

Sapphire said...

I'm glad you liked it, anonymous! Thank you for commenting. :-)

Clare Kolenda said...

Hi Sapphire! My prayer request this week is for our troops that won't be with their families during Christmas. That they will not only experience the joy of Christ's birth, but be filled with hope from His presence too. Thanks! :)

Sapphire said...

What a thoughtful prayer request, Clare! I'll definitely do that. :-)