Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Weekend, Everybody

This week's Bible study tip: 
Recall what your learning style was (or is) in school, and apply that to your Bible study time.

For example, I've always learned things best by reading them and writing my thoughts out.  In this vein, I've found that I get the most out of my Bible studies when I write things out as if I were going to share them with others (in other words, I use the same method I use to write the Bible study posts for this blog, even though those are not intended to share with others).  I recommend the same method to other visual learners like myself.

Others are auditory learners.  They may benefit from listening to Scripture on a CD or online, and then discussing the passage with another believer. 
For online audio Bibles, I recommend Faith Comes by Hearing
They offer free downloads of all their audio Bibles, including 17 versions in English and versions in 610 other languages!

Prayer Requests:
My prayer request this week is for the healing of a close family member and close friend, both of whom have had some scary health issues arise this week.
Please leave any prayer requests you have in the comments section - I'd love to pray for you! ^_^

Finally, this week's video:
The song "Passion" by Kutless, set to scenes from the film The Passion of the Christ

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