Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Weekend

I realize I've skipped a couple of weekend posts lately - sorry about that. :-)  I'm getting back into the habit now.

First up, Bible study tip of the week:
Get a good concordance, and learn how to properly use it.
(I reccomend a Strong's concordance for KJV or any concordance in Zondervan's "The Strongest" line for all the other major translations so you can look into the Hebrew and Greek as well.)
It's an immensely valuable tool for Bible studies.  All concordances allow you to look up any word in the Bible and find all the places that (English) word appears, and Strong's/Strongest concordances also provide you with what Hebrew or Greek word is used there, that word's original definition, and a list of all the ways that word is translated into English so you can find out where that word appears in Scripture but is "hidden" under translation.
A good concordance such as those mentioned above can serve to either save you time (in that you don't have to flip around for a certian verse, but can just look up a key word to find it in a matter of seconds) or to add depth to your study (by breaking down the barriers inherent to translation).

Second, prayer requests.  My prayer request for the week is: I've got a ton going on right now with school and family commitments - please pray that I don't get too stressed out and snappy at those around me.
Please leave any prayer requests you have in the comments section - I'd love to pray for you! ^_^

Finally, a video I'd like to share: 

Thoughts?  Leave 'em below! :-)


Autumn said...

Said a prayer for you! =)

Sapphire said...

Thank you very much, Autumn! ^_^