Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Weekend of March

Bible study tip of the week:  Don't stick to a reading schedule exclusively; let God lead you to passages you may not have otherwise read that can speak to your soul right now.
Open your Bible to a random page, ask Him to tell you what He wants you to read, use a random passage generator online - any of these are great ways to accomplish this.
Think about it - maybe you're on an annual reading plan that has you in the Mosaic Law books right now, but you're really depressed and want to cry out to God - perhaps He wants to direct you to the Psalms, for example.  God put so many styles of writing in His Word for a reason - each kind speaks to us in different ways.  All of it is certainly beneficial to read, of course, but different books may be more impactful at different stages in your walk and at different times in your life.

This week's prayer request: A member of my family is doing a lot of travelling this week; please pray for his safety.
Do you have anything you'd like prayer for?  Please let me know by leaving it in the comments section! :-)

And this week's video: The song "One Pure and Holy Passion" (one of my favorites)

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