Saturday, March 24, 2012

God's Voice

This week's Bible study tip:  Make it a conversation with God.
Pray each time before you open your Bible that God would speak to you through that day's reading, and that the ears of your heart would be open to His voice.  Don't just rush through or even focus on academic comprehension; rather, continually bring yourself back to the thought, "How does this apply to my life right now?"  I firmly believe that nothing is a coincedence - including whatever passages you're reading that day.  God has you reading that passage for a reason, and you don't want to miss out on it. :-)

In line with that thought, I thought I'd share Kutless's song "Word of God Speak."  (I love this song, and particularly thier version): welll as Casting Crowns's song The Well:

I don't have any specific prayer requests to share this week, but if you have any prayer requests or praises, please leave them in the comments section. ^_^

Also, do you have any favorite songs about God speaking to you through His Word?  Do you have any cool stories you'd like to share about God speaking to you as you read Scripture?


Rolyat said...

Voice of Truth

Sapphire said...

Rolyat, I'd forgotten about that one - I like it quite a bit, too! Thanks for sharing. ^_^