Saturday, April 14, 2012


This week's Bible study tip: Pay extra attention to the verses and passages you are very familiar with, because you may be desensitized to their effect.
Famous verses (like John 3:16) and our personal favorite verses are all stuck in our heads because either we or the larger Christian community hand-picked them because they are so passionately impactful.  But the downside of this is that we no longer think about in-depth when we read them.
So the next time you run across one such verse, actually stop and think about why you know it so well.

This week's prayer request:  A close family member of mine has her own close family member who is very ill and very old, probably on her death bed.  Please pray for the elderly woman to not feel much phsyical pain, and for my family member to not feel much emotional pain.
What would you like prayed for this week?  Leave it in the comments section. :-)

And this week's video: One of my new all-time favorites, Your Heart (from the perspective of David) by Chris Tomlin as part of the The Story collection:

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