Friday, April 27, 2012

Who Inspires You?

This week's Bible study tip: It's easy to feel a "disconnect" from the people in the Bible, so when you're reading, think of the story in terms of people you know and in modern times.

The video I'd like to share this week is the song "Born for This" by Mandisa, which tells the story of Esther:

I have to say, I never found Esther's story all that inspirational for the simple reason that it is so stereotypically inspirational.  It's like it was overdone, for me.  But watching this music video enabled me to see her in a new light.  For example - consider that she was yanked from her home as a teenager to become part of a harem that belonged to a man who had a history of refusing to treat women like human beings.  That's a bit different from the Veggie Tales version, huh? :-)

Finally, on to prayer requests.  I have two this week: (1) The close relative of my family member who I mentioned before is doing worse, and appears to be on her deathbed.  Please pray for a smooth, painless death, and for my family member to not suffer much emotional pain from the passing.  (2) This coming week is finals for me, and I'm a bit stressed out about it.  Please pray for me to get everything done and to do well.

What would you like prayer for?  And have you ever had an experience where you suddenly saw a figure from the Bible in a new light?

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