Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Mental Checklist

This week's Bible study tip:  After reading a passage of scripture, take just a minute to form a mental checklist of what important events happened and/or points were made, and what basic applications to your own life you can make from them.  This will help you remember what occurred where in the Bible so that later on, if you need to find it again or someone (believer or non-believer) asks you a question, you can find the passage much easier.  Plus, it's great review for you just to solidify the lessons for the rest of the day. :-)

This week's song is "Tell Me Your Story" by Mac Powell (of Third Day), part of the The Story collection.  Let me know what you think. ;-)

And finally, this week's prayer request: A family friend just lost his mother and is taking it really hard.  Please pray for God to comfort him.  What can I pray for for YOU this week? :-)

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