Friday, July 6, 2012

Allowing GOD to Change Us

One of the most beautiful things about Christianity is that, although God calls us to follow Him and live a righteous life (John 8:10-11), we don't have to do all the changing ourselves - we simply have to stop resisting when God is working on us to change us.  We just have to step out of the way.  But the flip side of that is that even when we feel like we haven't changed a bit and are completely bogged down in sin, God sees us as His perfect, blameless Son.

I'd like to share this beautiful video demonstrating this message:

"Free" by Journey Box Media
(Sorry - I normally get videos off of YouTube so I can imbed them directly in the blog post, but I've never been able to get GodTube's embed feature to mesh with Blogger very well...and this video is only found on the latter.  But if you click on the link above, it'll open the video in a new window.)

This week's Bible study tip is: If you feel God speaking to you as you read His Word, or feel convicted by or really connect to a certain passage, don't pass it by.  Stop and figure out what it is you're supposed to learn.  There is no point in reading the Bible if we don't allow it to change our lives.  Any stories you'd like to share of God speaking to you as you read the Bible?

Finally prayer requests.  Colorado got some rain today; please pray that it would continue in the areas where the fires are.  What can I pray for for you?

Anything else you'd like to comment on? :-)


Anonymous said...

that first half of your post made me cry. That same message hit me like a ton of bricks early this afternoon. Crazy how God can drive home the message like that!

Sapphire said...

Anonymous, I feel so blessed that God used my blog to communicate His love to you. Thank you for sharing how God is working in your life, and I pray that you will continue to discover how deeply and passionately He adores you.