Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Literary Approach to the Bible

Bible study tip of the week: Do you remember from any of your literature classes in school how you'd have to identify shared themes in two different texts? Even if you hated doing that in school, it's actually quite a helpful tactic for studying Scripture. If you're in the habit of reading a chapter from a few different books of the Bible each day, keep an eye out for similar themes, messages, etc. Once you start doing this, it's really interesting to realize how *whole* the Bible is - that is, how everything fits together perfectly, presenting the same truths over and over in different ways. Alternately, if you read one book of the Bible at a time, try to peg down what the overall theme of that book is to you (for example, Genesis's theme may be beginnings, or covenants, or family, and Ruth's theme may be redemption or reputation). This is an easy way to remember the overall message of each book of the Bible - because you figured out for yourself what it means to you. :-)

For this week's song, I'd like to share "Need" by Kutless. It's one of my favorites because I can totally picture it as one of David's more desperate Psalms...if they had electric guitars back in BC Israel. ;-)

Finally, prayer requests. Mine for this week is: a young kid my family knows just got diagnosed with diabetes - please pray for him and his family to adjust quickly and for God to comfort them.
What can I pray for for you this week?

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