Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven...

This week's Bible study tip actually has to do with communicating Scripture to others who are struggling with sin: In some circumstances, it is absolutely beneficial to back up your own assertions with direct Scriptural references, but other times, people may feel brow-beaten by such remarks as, "It says in John 14:12 that...." In these cases, particularly if the person you're talking to is or has been a believer with a solid familiarity with Scripture, sometimes it is far better to share Scriptural principles instead of specific verses, instead.  This way, it feels like you're helping them, not teaching them something they already know.

I'd also like to share the song "Take My Life" by Jeremy Camp.  I've heard other versions of it before, but I think this one is particularly powerful.

Finally, prayer requests.  A family I know gave birth to their first child recently, and the baby has a lot of very, very serious health problems.  Please pray for God to comfort the family and make His presence known to them, and to heal their baby boy.
What can I pray for for you this week? :-)

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