Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lists and Charts

Bible study tip of the week: If you're someone like me who organizes your thinking best by writing things out in an organized manner, read a book of the Bible (it's easier to start with a shorter one) a write down the main theme of the book and its most important subpoints, as well as possibly a key verse.  As you develop this simple record system for each book of the Bible, you'll find it much easier to remember what each book of the Bible is about, and, when you think of a verse/passage and can't remember where it is, you can refer to your list and see which books talk about that topic to help you find it.

Although unrelated to the above topic, I'd like to share the song "No Compromise" (based on the story of Daniel) by Peter Furler, part of the "The Story" collection.  It's a powerful testament to following God even at the threat of persecution.

Any prayer requests? :-)

See you all Tuesday as we dive into what the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is.

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