Saturday, September 8, 2012

Radical Appreciation, and Realistic Balance

This week's Bible study tip is, simply, appreciate the fact that you are able to read the very Word of God. First of all, it's a immense honor that the God of the universe is willing to talk to us, disgustingly sinful creatures that we are. Second, remember that in many countries today, Christians don't have access to Bibles (or internet access - or perhaps internet access that is not monitered by the government - so they can read the Bible online in their own language on sites such as Bible Gateway). So if you're trudging through a notoriously unexciting book like Numbers or 2 Chronicles, just bear that in mind. :-)

Also, I'm reading through Proverbs right now, and something interesting stuck out to me that I've never really paid much attention to before - the Proverbs are intertwined advice dealing with spiritual matters and secular, "real life" matters. God created us to live on this earth, so yes, the physical, "real life" realm is important. We are to walk with Him, on this earth.

Here's the song "Who But You" by Mark Hall and Megan Garret. It's a passionate cry about the power of God, sung from the perspective of Abraham and Sarah. Don't know the story? It's a great one; check it out in Genesis 15-18 and 21:1-8.

I've got a prayer request for you guys this week: I've got some elderly neighbors who are very depressed right now with their deteriorating health. Only one of them is a believer. Please pray that God will draw the unbeliever to Him and that He will comfort them both.

What can I pray for for YOU this week?

Any other thoughts you'd like to share? :-)

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