Saturday, September 29, 2012

Your Turn!

This weekend post is showing up a day late because I was stalling. :-)  I couldn't think of a new Bible study tip to share this weekend. tell me.  Do you have any Bible study tips to share?  What method(s) of Bible study do you use (it doesn't have to be an official system; just share how you do it).

I do have an awesome song I discovered this week to share with you guys, though: "Manifesto" by The City Harmonic.  Toward the end of it, there's a change-up and he starts singing the Lord's Prayer to like a chanting rhythm.  I think it's cool, anyway. ;-)

Onto prayer requests. :-)  Mine for this week is: I've been feeling really burned out from my classes this week.  Please pray for my homework load to lighten up a tad and for my mind to be refreshed.  This will also help me serve you better by not being so scatterbrained that I completely forget about a Thursday post again. ;-)
Now, what can I pray for for you this week?

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