Saturday, October 6, 2012

Broadening Your View

Bible study tip of the week: When reading a passage of Scripture, stop and think how it would impact other people.  This can go two ways...  First, if what you're reading is impactful to you, think about what other people (whether people you know, or people groups) would find it equally powerful, so that you can look for opportunity to share it with them.  Second, if you're not feeling like you're getting anything out of the passage, stop and consider who might find it impactful - this will help you appreciate it more, and understand its purpose better.

What Bible passages have stuck out to you lately?

This week's music video is "It Must Be You," sung from the perspective of Moses, by Bart Millard as part of the "The Story" project.  It's an awesome take on humbly accepting God working through us.

Any prayer requests? :-)

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