Friday, October 12, 2012

Here's some good stuff to make it up to you...

I apologize for never getting to post our first study on the parables in Matthew this week. :-(  But recently, I found these two very short videos that I think do a phenomenal job of answering two historical questions that a lot of Christians have, but don't know how to go about finding the answers to without reading through some ridiculously long academic articles.

This one summarizes how it was decided which books would be included in the Bible.

And this one explains some of the early cults that twisted Jesus's identity, and what links those have to modern cults today, so we can be on the lookout for heresies.

(Those are on GodTube, not YouTube, so unfortunately I can't embed them, but the links will work.)

Finally, here is a really sobering music video about laying down the idols in our lives for Christ, "Clear the Stage" by Jimmy Needham:

Have a good weekend! :-)

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