Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Sneakiest Idol of All

Bible study tip of the week: Don't let the Bible become your very relationship with God in your mind.  This is perhaps the sneakiest idol of all, and from what I've observed, it is highly prevalent in the American Church.  Because America and Europe are prettymuch the only places on Earth where people have unlimited access to Bible study - the Bibles themselves, an abundance of supplementary materials, and the legality of it - we tend to put a lot of emphasis on it.  Now, of course studying the Bible is a good thing (as evidenced by the fact that this blog is primarily dedicated to that!), but we need to stop thinking of Bible study as our only or even primary or best "God time."  We shouldn't neglect other key aspects of "doing life with God," such as prayer and serving others.  We can't get to know God by just book learning; we also need to experience Him in day-to-day life.  So while Bible study is very important, let's keep a proper perspective.

What Christian activities or practices can you think of that, while important, have been blown out of proportion?

For this week's song, I'd like to share "You Are I Am" by MercyMe.

"I Am" has long been one of my favorite names of God, because so much is said in three little letters.  The instances where Jesus uses this name blow me off my feet, like in Gethsemanae when he asks the guards, "Who are you looking for," and they shout, "Jesus of Nazareth!"  He responds, "I Am" and the entire crowd is literally knocked to the ground by the power of that name.  Check out the story in John 18:1-11

What is your favorite name of God?  Are there any particular songs that use this name that you find powerful?

Any prayer requests this week?

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