Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bible study tip of the week: Don't make Bible study your *only* time with God - don't let that one element become your very relationship with God.  If you neglect other ways we commune with God - prayer, fellowship, service, etc. - then that "relationship" becomes purely academic.  Bur that principle can be applied even further - we should be talking to God throughout our everyday tasks, always thinking of Him and how we can live in a way that represents our love for Him.

"God meets me everywhere, or I never meet Him.  If I think I meet Him only in the Bible and Sacrament, and in the Christian fellowship, then I do not know who it is I meet."
- M.A.C. Warren

For our final Christmas song of the year, I share Third Day's version of "Joy to the World."  The song is actually about Jesus's Second Coming, but we've so long associated it with Christmas, and it's such a happy, worshipful song, that I find it suitable. ;-)

Any prayer requests?

See ya'll on Monday for a special Christmas post, then back to business on Wednesday. :-)

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