Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Picture, Small Picture, Big Picture, Small Picture

Bible study tip of the week: Everyone I've met seems to have a preference for how many verses a Bible study should cover - a couple verses with lots of application-centered commentary, a whole passage addressed repeatedly in multiple studies with a different focus each week, whatever.  But let's not get so used to our favorite method that we neglect other ways of studying the Bible.  Mix it up between dwelling on one verse for a whole day, diving into a larger passage for the next few, etc.  God may very well reveal new insights from looking at a verse you've read before in a new way.

Please take the 4 minutes to listen to this old song "Hey This Is God" by Phil Vassar.  It's not a worship song; it's a unique representation of God addressing the world - and I find the effect very, very powerful.  Enjoy.

See you tomorrow as we continue studying in Matthew. :-)

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