Friday, January 18, 2013

Building Your Own Study Skills

No second study post this week, sorry. :-)  So, I'm posting our typical weekend montage a day early.

Bible study tip of the week: If you're trying to build up your ability to do Bible study on your own, but also don't want to miss anything major or misinterpret something, try doing a two-stage study of each passage: First, go over the passage thoroughly by yourself, writing down your own thoughts and relevant verses.  Then check out trusted Bible teachers' commentaries (or commentary books such as Halley's, or commentary notes in your Bible).  It's a win-win. :-)

For this week's song, I'd like to share "Do Something" by Matthew West.  It's a great conveyance of the idea that when we see something wrong with the world, instead of questioning why God allows it, we should do something about it!  Perhaps His plan for fixing it was your action, all along...

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday. :-)

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