Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When God Asks You to Wing It

Is your life ever so hectic and disorganized that you can't seem to even keep track of what day of the week it is?  My life has definitely been like that lately, but God's been using that situation to to teach me more about trusting Him in everything.

I've been stressing out, trying to balance my busiest college semester ever with household commitments to my family, time commitments to my church, maintaining this blog, writing, personal Bible study, and also devoting quality time to my friends.  Frankly, it's not possible to cram it all in.

But, because this year I'm starting every day by spending a couple quiet minutes in God's presence, seeking His will for my day, I know that whatever I'm doing is where He wants me.  My to-do lists may still have plenty left undone at the end of each day, but His to-do list for me is different than mine.  Remembering that is the only thing that keeps me from stressing out too badly right now. :-)

Throughout the time I've been in college, I have slowly (very slowly!) learned (and am certainly still learning!) what it means to give God priority in our schedules.  This doesn't necessarily mean that we need to have our daily "quiet time" before we do anything else, or that putting off a Bible study to catch up on grocery shopping is wrong....I mean that when we feel God prompting us to change what we had planned for our day, we need to be willing to drop it at a moment's notice.

In the past few weeks, a friend and I were able to work together to share a bit of God's truth with two total strangers we met at a coffee shop, and I have twice been able to share short testimonies of my faith with one of my entire classes.  God has plenty of things He wants each of us to accomplish, and all it takes is for us to stop for a moment, see what He's telling us, and then drop everything to do it.

Does that mean you won't suffer for making that decision?  No.  You might miss a homework deadline, or have to skip a party you've been looking forward to, or have to start up an awkward conversation.  But that is *exactly* what prioritizing God means - putting Him above everything else.

We are called to follow Him spontaneously.

Has God asked you to change your plans and do something for His kingdom lately?  How do you prioritze God in your schedule?

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