Monday, June 10, 2013

Christian Writers and Writing Christians

I encountered a quote recently (that I unfortunately failed to write down) that basically said that out of all of God's creation, only we humans are called to co-create with God.  As a writer, the capacity in which I best understand God is as Creator, so this idea stuck out to me.

And then, I started noticing something...everywhere I looked, Christian writers seemed to make up an enormous chunk of total writers.  It is possible that this is just a faulty perception based on a limited "test pool," but I've observed this even in secular forums and publications.  So, I had to wonder...Why?

And I came back to the idea that humans can be co-creators...and then some.  Here are my musings:
  • The closer we get to God, the more we want to be like Him, so it makes since that those whom He created to be creatively-inclined to begin with would choose a form of creativity (such as writing) as one way to further connect with their Maker.
  • Each Christian has the duty to figure out what God's calling for their life is - and for many of us, it is a passion.  We crave a purpose - because we know we have one.  So, when we see writing (or another art form) as a way to reach people and change the world, we have extra motivation to put the time and effort into it.
  • We all have the responsibility to share Christ's Truth with the unsaved.  For those Christians who communicate easiest through the written word, writing is an obvious choice for this.  The same holds true for painters, musicians, etc. in their respective fields.
  • As for female Christian writers, many sub-groups of American Christian culture embrace mothers staying at home - and the lack of an external job frees up more time for creative and ministry pursuits, certainly including writing.
Do you "co-create" with God in any way(s)?  Have you noticed a high percentage of Christians in certain artistic fields?  What reasons can you think of for this?

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