Monday, June 24, 2013

Doctrine Meets Jewelry

Some Christians wear cross necklaces, and some don't.   Plenty of non-Christians wear them, too, but that's not the topic at hand. :-)  I know many solid believers from both the wear-crosses and don't-wear-crosses camps, so clearly, jewelry preference doesn't reflect on a person's devotion to Christ in any way.  But nonetheless, it's an interesting topic. :-)

I wear my cross necklace for some personal reasons, so I thought I'd share those:
  • Identity.  I love the idea of every single person I run into knowing that I am a follower of Christ, even if I never get to speak to that person.  People seeing someone who is willing to demonstrate that they adhere to an unpopular faith and are unashamed of it is certainly a form of witness.
  • Accountability.  There have been multiple times when I have been about to do something ungodly, then remember that I have that cross around my neck for everyone to see.  Remembering that prevents me from acting that way and thereby reflecting badly on my God.
  • Comfort.  It's common knowledge that women often finger their necklaces when they get nervous.  Works for me - because when I feel that cross between my fingertips, I remember that God is sovereign and with me.
  • Memorial.  Exodus 13:1-16 is just one Old Testament example where God's followers put markers on their foreheads and hands to remind them of God's Law and all that He had done for them.  In the same way, my cross necklace serves as a sort of memorial for me. 
So now, you tell me...  Do you wear Christian jewelry?  Or Christian t-shirts?  Or maybe have a Christian tattoo? :-)  Why - what does it mean to you, personally?

[I'm experimenting with the post schedule to see what allows me to post most consistently, so for this week, I'm thinking Monday night: light issue (this post), Wednesday: Matthew study, Friday: topical study on Joseph, Saturday night: Matthew study ... we'll see how it goes. :-) ]

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