Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Update...

Note to all Bloggers - Blogspot is currently experiencing a glitch that prevents some comments from being posted to your blog if you have the comments set to be embedded below your post.  Some of my readers have notified me of this, and I have noticed it when I've tried to post comments on others' blogs.  If your settings have comments embedded below your posts, change it to either a pop-up window or a full screen, and this should fix the problem.

Okay...this weekend turned out to be horribly hectic, too.  Since I like to spend plenty of time on each Bible study that I post, I'm not going to even try to whip one out in half an hour so it can go up tomorrow.  So - I will get another study up as soon as I can.  Sorry for the inconvenience, and may the Lord bless you this week! :-)

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