Sunday, October 27, 2013

Case in Point, Proverbs 16:3, and "Making Time" for God

Case in Point

You may remember that in last week's verse-by-verse study in Matthew, I talked a bit about how the seeds of persecution of Christians are already in America, and it will only get worse.  Then, this week, I ran across an article detailing how Christians are now classified as a threat to the nation.  Click here to read the article on

Proverbs 16:3
Commit your works to the Lord
And your plans will be established.
Last night, this verse was included in a devotional I was reading, and out of the blue, I thought to look up the word for "commit" in my Hebrew-Greek concordance ... and I found something very interesting.
In the original Hebrew, the word here translated as "commit" is galal, meaning to roll.
I thought this added an intriguing picture to the verse.  In my mind, I get the image of someone trying to roll a giant rock that's way too heavy for them - just like it's really hard to "give things up" to God - careers, relationships, whatever.  But it's worth it, because His plans are so much better than our own.
So, this week, roll your works to the Lord!
"Making Time" for God
This week, I also ran across a comical but very poignant video on the Blimey Cow channel on YouTube about the absurdity of "making time" for God.  Enjoy:

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