Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heliocentrism and Christianity

Heliocentrism means that the planets, asteroids, and comets all orbit around the Sun.  This scientific principle works as an analogy for Christians not judging each other in a couple of different ways.

Let's say we're all planets, and the Sun is the Son, Christ. ;-)  So what's so special about the solar system's functioning for our discussion today?

1 - We're not all called to be Jupiter.  What I mean is that, just like there are many different planets (or many different body parts, as Paul liked to say), God has a different purpose for each of us.  And I'm not just talking about spiritual gifts here, although that may certainly be part of it.  God's plan for one person's life may be ministry, for another a "regular-Joe" career, for another to be a stay-at-home parent.  If we are a Jupiter, we shouldn't judge someone for being a Mars.  Further, we shouldn't assume that their different calling evidences less spiritual maturity.  For example, a missionary may not be any closer to God than a janitor.  God has a plan for each person to make their full "orbit" around Him (their full lifespan), but each person's orbit is going to look different.

2 - Speaking of Jupiter, we can also be different places in the same orbit.  For a quick astronomy lesson, there's this weird thing going on with Jupiter where it actually shares its orbit with a handful of asteroids that have gotten pulled out of the asteroid belt and steadily precede and follow Jupiter in its orbit.  Likewise, there may be people in your life who are called to be in the same "orbit" as you - being gifted similarly or having a similar calling.  But if they're younger in years since birth, years since getting saved, years since getting serious about Christ, or in life experience than you, they may seem to be following Jupiter in its orbit - making more mistakes than you are.  But remember how you were at their level, and be patient with them.

Stop judging.  For number two, disciple them, and for both numbers one and two, encourage them.

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly.
- 1 Peter 4:8a, ESV

Image Credit: "Planets 2013" by Kwamikagami and WP.  Wikipedia.  Used by permission.

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